Why Advertise?

• Advertise once, get results all season
The magazine is available between the months of May (Memorial Day) to September-October (fishing season)

• Two magazines the price of one.
Their Summer Guide will distributed in early fall with entire new cover featuring Fall/Foliage themes. It will be renamed “Fall Guide.” And this will guarantee more readership and exposure all the way up to fishing season.

• Free online presence.
Your ad will in Interactive Edition at www.CNYSummer. At means your ad will online and viewers will able to click on it and visit your site in seconds. Don’t have website? Include you e-mail and it easy of viewers to send you messsage.

• Low rates.
You’ll continue paying the lowest-cost-per-copy rate, of comparable publication. You could advertise as little as $119. A full page ad is $670 (that cost fraction of penny per copy). Color ads start at $302, which includes free artwork and color separations.

• The Summer Guide is free of charge, and distributed that 2,000 locations. It reaches visitors and is residents alike.